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Amidst the riot of colour which is Perthshire, lies the fair City of Perth.

Amidst the riot of colour which is Perthshire, lies the fair City of Perth. It was once the capital of Scotland, and just a few miles away at Scone Palace, the ancient kings of Alba were crowned on the Stone of Destiny. Archaeological digs have also discovered evidence of Roman occupation. Perth is the focal point of the region, a thriving market town and a major crossroads in Scotland, with roads radiating in all directions.

Notable attractions include Perth Theatre, Scone Palace and Perth Races situated there, the visitor centre at Perth Mart, and a superb Museum and Art Gallery.

Scone Palace

It is however worth getting out of the city to experience the surrounding heritage. Two miles away is the most famous and unmissable - Scone Palace, originally the seat of Government and one of the most historically important places in the country. Scone was the capital of the Pictish Kingdom in the 6th century and home of the Celtic Church. Kenneth MacAlpin united Scotland and in 838AD placed the Stone of Scone on the Moot Hill, opposite the Palace entrance. This became the crowning place for all 42 Scottish Kings, on the fabled Stone of Destiny, including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce.

This Coronation stone was removed to Westminster Abbey by one of Scotland's most hated enemies, Edward 1, in 1296. It was only recently returned to Scotland and is now preserved at Edinburgh Castle. In 1651 the last coronation in Scotland took place when King Charles II was crowned by the Scots on the Moot Hill. Part of the church for this ceremony still remains, together with a replica of the Stone of Destiny.

Today the family home of the Earl of Mansfield, Scone Palace has magnificent collections of art, porcelain needlework and furniture, beautiful gardens stretching to 100 acres, full of roses, rhododendrons and bluebells, as well as strutting peacocks and highland cattle.